My name is Carly Lisowski. I was born in Detroit and moved to Cleveland when I was a baby. I knew that I wanted to be a teacher as a child and often forced my younger sister to play school when we were kids. I grew up in North Royalton with my parents and younger sister. I have two dogs named Peanut and Cinnamon. I love to cook (my Dad is a chef) and my goal is always to create delicious food that is also healthy. I am very active and enjoy running, spinning, and boxing. I am always happiest when I am busy!

 I graduated from North Royalton in 2007 and completed my undergrad in Early Childhood Education. I have spent my teaching career teaching in an urban environment.  I have a passion for literacy education. I completed my Reading Endorsement at JCU in 2017 and returned this past fall to complete my Master’s Degree in Literacy.  I recently switched from teaching 3rd grade to 3-5th grade science. My goal is to use my knowledge of literacy and apply it in creating an amazing science classroom!

Learning Style and more:

The 2020-2021 school year has forced me to take more creative and intellectual risks than I have for my entire teaching career. Teaching virtually was not something I ever saw myself doing full-time. It has been a year with many challenges and triumphs. I have been pushed out of my comfort zone and had to be comfortable doing so. I find that I lean best by being hands-on and trying new things. I need to immerse myself in an experience and go beyond reading about it and looking at examples. I enjoy group work and sharing ideas and then having a time to work independently on new skills and opportunities.

What have you been reading?

 Evolving Students’ Writing Skill: How to Improve: How to improve    domain-specific writing

I spent the last few years of my career teaching 3rd grade. With the 3rd Grade Reading Guarantee I had a huge responsibility in guiding my students to mastery in reading and writing literacy. This year I was moved into a science classroom. I am now working on helping students read and answer scientific literacy. Literacy across the curriculum is vital in a students’ education and is often neglected. The attached article is something I referenced in a project I wrote about scientific literacy. This article offers guidance to help students struggling with domain-specific writing

McGlynn, K., Kelly, J., (2019). Evolving Students’ Writing Skill: How to Improve: How to improve    domain-specific writing. Science Scope, April/May,40-43.

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