Digital Storytelling: Lesson Description

Digital Storytelling: Lesson Description

Change Your Mindset, Change Your Mind

1.  Cooperating/Mentor Teacher and School

  •  N/A

2. Title

  •  Change Your Mindset, Change Your Mind

3. The name or type of course that the unit is part of

  • This will be a part of a Social Emotional unit for my 5th grade students.

4. Context of the Learning Environment | Describe key dimensions of the learning environment: e.g. number, grade of students, an overview sense of important individual differences (class, race, gender, ability, etc.) 

  • This will take place in a 5th grade single gender classroom of 20 students at Kenneth Clement Boys’ Leadership Academy.
  • This class is single gender consisting of 20 male 5th grade students. KCBLA is an urban K-8 school that is 100% African American. The goal of this lesson will be to advance students’ Social-Emotional learning. My class has a wide range of abilities and we are working to foster a healthy learning environment where students are able to express emotions and learn from their mistakes.

5. Describe available technology for digital storytelling and the types of digital technology, hardware and software, students are already using in class.

  • The students in my class have a 1:1 ratio with technology. Each student has their own laptop to use at home and in class. We also have other devices available at school, headphones, microphones, and SmartBoards to help guide students in creating their digital stories. I would have them use WeVideo to create their digital stories. 

6. Description of this unit of study and how digital storytelling fits into the overall purpose and flow of the unit.

  • This unit of study allows students to examine their Social Emotional Learning. Students are often encouraged to “Do Your Best” and “Believe in Yourself.” However, the growth mindset looks at the science behind these ideas. Instead of stating generalizations of encouragement the students will explore how one thing leads to another. Your thoughts lead to practice and through neuroplasticity can show improvement in achievement. The students will explore the idea that we can work our brains from working hard, asking questions, and even making mistakes.
  • Digital storytelling is an excellent way for students to explore the growth mindset. The growth mindset challenges students to step out of their comfort zone, try hard things, and even make mistakes to grow and learn. Asking students to explore their social emotional learning and work with new video editing software is an excellent way to show their understanding of the growth mindset.

7. In your own words, list the most important 1-3 specific objectives/goals you have for student learning during this unit of study. State the particular concepts you expect students to understand and/or the skills/behaviors you want them to demonstrate. Use one of the following stem phrases: a) Students will be able to ….  Or b) “I can statements” framed from the students’ point of view

  • The students will be able to use technology to create a digital story to demonstrate their understanding of the growth mindset.
  • I can accurately identify my thoughts and emotions while explaining why I feel that way and acknowledge my thoughts can change my response.
  • The students will learn to use the growth mindset and apply it to their Social Emotional Learning. The students will understand that adopting a growth mindset will lead to higher achievement.

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