Digital Story-Storyboard

The digital story will give students the opportunity to study their Social Emotional Learning. SEL is often skipped over to in order prepare students for standardized testing and working through dense curriculum. Giving students the opportunity to learn about the growth mindset is a great way to motivate them to look at their learning in… Continue reading Digital Story-Storyboard

Digital Story-Script

Your view of yourself can determine everything. 30 years ago Dr. Carol Dweck became interested in students’ attitudes towards failure. Some students rebounded quickly from failures while others were devastated by small setbacks. Dr. Dweck and her team studied the behavior of thousands of children and coined the terms “fixed mindset” and “growth Mindset.”  In… Continue reading Digital Story-Script


Introduction: My name is Carly Lisowski. I was born in Detroit and moved to Cleveland when I was a baby. I knew that I wanted to be a teacher as a child and often forced my younger sister to play school when we were kids. I grew up in North Royalton with my parents and… Continue reading Introduction